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Do you want to invest in making climate and environmental justice a reality ? To ultimately bring about a human responsibility toward the environment and the preservation of life ? Then become a volunteer and join our work groups !

To do this, please become a member of the organization here. You will then be put in touch with the leaders of the work groups that interest you.

Working groups by action

Multinational corporations

The Work Group on Multinationalcorporations works in different legal avenues to support local authorities and/or citizens hoping to increase theaccountability of polluters, for example, making Total’s vigilance plan compliant with climate objectives.

Local action

The Local Remedies working groupsupports groups fightingagainst imposed and polluting projects and produces legal analyses on thematic issues related to the groups it supports

Climate and Environmental Inequality

The Climate and Environmental Inequality Working Groupdocuments and makes visible the impacts of climate change in France and helps those most affected.

The Rights of Nature

The Rights of NatureWorking Groupprovides educational material on this subject and also gathers, studies, and formalizes all the pre-existing decisions, acts, and doctrines.

The Education/Awarenes

The Education/Awareness Working Group visits middle schools and high schools to explain what climate change entails, to raise awareness on its effects, to show how human rights and environmental law are linked, and to teach climate justice.

Cross-cutting working groups


The Working Group of legal experts brings the attorneys and jurists in the organization together and supports different projects by developing legal studies, organizing training sessions on environmental law,helping groups in the fight against imposed and polluting projects, and carrying out various climate disputes around the world.


The Advocacy Working Group working on writing a bill on ecocide, on advocating to integrate the climate into the constitution by calling for an Ecological Constitution, and more broadly, on our five demands for adapting the law to the environmental emergency.


The Communication Group helps the employee team with digital communications, corporate communications, and campaigns. If you are an expert in graphic design, public relations, social media, or content creation, this group is for you !

The Fundraising Group

Do you have a propensity for fund proposal writing, donor relations, or project pitches ? This is your group!


Climatologist, sociologist, energy engineer… hoping to use your skills and knowledge to help achieve climate justice ? Then join us!


Do you have any legal qualifications and translation skills and want to use them to help advance our cause ? This group is made for you !

For all questions, issues, and responses, please contact !