Our Mission and Values

Our Mission and Values

Acting together for climate justice

Our challenge for this century is to envision, invent and build an economic, societal and governance model that respects and protects life on Earth, in order to preserve human dignity and the planet on which we live. Global warming, massive loss of biodiversity, rising waters… The impact of human activity on the overall degradation of the environment, the earth’s ecosystem and the planet is well documented.

Our missions

Notre Affaire à Tous works for climate justice and the respect and improvement of environmental law. We use law as a weapon to protect the living, shared natural resources and the climate.

We defend the general interest against private interests in the short run that destroy our planet through unconsciousness or indifference. Notre Affaire à Tous acts to build new legal liabilities in environmental matters.

Today, our social rights are challenged by the environmental and climate crises. Notre Affaire à Tous supports and protects the victims of climate change and highlights public authorities’ obligations to protect them.. Climate justice is necessary to ensure the rule of law and the social contract. States must provide themselves with new legal tools to guarantee their citizens’ individual and collective rights and protect the rights of nature.

We fight against the impunity of the most polluting companies who are responsible for climate change. To that end, we mobilise citizens and local elected officials to make the polluters pay for the costs of climate change: health costs, land use planning, environmental degradation.

Our values: economic, social, climate and environmental justice

All around the world, the most vulnerable people are the first to suffer from the deterioration of our planet. Yet, the argument of development and fight against poverty is paradoxically often used to try and justify huge projects that damage the environment. To us,economic, social, climate and environmental justice are inseparable.

We will support and defend the populations victims of environmental crimes or degradations and environmental damage, impairing their ability to fully enjoy their right to an inclusive and sustainable development.

A global movement for Climate Justice

Notre Affaire à Tous is part of a global movement of mobilisation to penalise crimes against the environment, recognise nature’s rights and take climate legal actions.

All around the world, climate litigations are multiplying: citizens and non-profits turn to the courts to assert their rights and those of nature. They challenge States’ lack of climate ambition and hold the most polluting companies accountable.

We take part in this global network of legal actions and citizen mobilisation alongside numerous organisations like Urgenda (the Netherlands), ClientEarth (European Union), Our Children’s Trust (United States), the Wildlife Trust of India, Klimaatzaak (Belgium), CIEL (global), the Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature (GARN)…

Legal expertise

Our association gathers solicitors, lawyers and judges who have expertise in French, European and international law. Environmental law is new and the concepts to explore are still infinite. We will act with courage and determination topromote environmental legislation and regulations that are ambitious, fair and realistic. We set ourselves in support of existing initiatives but also of challenges un-apprehended by the media, and the economic and political spheres.