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L'Affaire du Siècle

Transnational companies

All our resources on our climate litigation case against the French State : 

Letter of formal notice, 18/12/2018

Legal brief of l’Affaire du Siècle

Press release: Start of the legal proceeding in Court, 14/03/2019

Press release, Launch of the call for testimonies, 18/12/2019

All our resources on our actions to make private actors accountable in the fight against climate change : 

– Press kit, Letter to Total, 23/10/2018

– Press kit, Total’s formal notice, 18/06/2019

Statement of claim against Total, 28/01/2020

– Press release: Notre Affaire and Sherpa request the French Financial Markets Authority to scrutinize the accuracy of financial data released by Total on the matter of climate-related risks, 28/05/2020


People's Climate Case

Climate inequalities

All our resources on this unprecedented climate case against the lack of climate ambition of the European Union :