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The fight for climate and social justice and for protecting the rights of nature will be more effective if we unite against those responsible for the climate crisis.

We are stronger together !

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By joining the organisation, you are helping us achieve our objectives. Membership allows you to get involved in the life of the organisation and join our working groups as a volunteer. You can also attend and vote at the General Assembly, or you can mandate someone to attend on your behalf.

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Notre Affaire à Tous is an organisation run largely by volunteers. Your donations are vital for supporting our actions and guaranteeing our independence. Your donations empower us to take action to protect our rights and those of nature.

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Do you want to invest in making climate and environmental justice a reality ? To ensure that human responsibility toward the environment and the preservation of life is recognised in law ? Then become a volunteer and join our working groups !

Our Local Groups

Notre Affaire à Tous is extending its activities throughout France, and in 2019, we saw a growth in our membership and the number of volunteers. We supported the creation of local groups, working at local level to protect the rights of living things.

Offers and opportunities

Discover Discover our job postings, internships, and volunteer assignments. If you want to participate in our work, don’t hesitate to send your application to us at


Notre Affaire à Tous fosters many connections with academic networks to enrich legal research in climate matters. Since our creation in 2015, we have been committed to creating partnerships with the academic world.