Notre Affaire à Tous is studying different legal avenues to determine polluting multinational corporations’ responsibility in climate issues in order to rectify the legal void surrounding the failure to apply theParis Agreement to these corporations.

To reate the leeway needed to tackle the current climate crisis, we demand that those who hold the most sway own up to their responsibilities. Multinational corporations, the main emitters of greenhouse gases, currently have considerable power, whether in terms of carbon footprint, revenue, or capacity to impact the way we live.We feel their responsibility must no longer bypass regulations or the right of public scrutiny.


  • To compel the corporations that contribute the most to climate change to implement their energy transition and drastically reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by making the duty of vigilance law (and other legal tools at our disposal) a truly binding regulatory framework for multinational corporations
  • To help territories and citizens already suffering from the effects of global warming to enlist the polluters’ responsibility in order to avoid further exacerbating climate change and to repair the damage brought on by global warming
  • To gain more transparency :corporations must provide the general public with clear, precise, and honest information about their activities and products (origin of resources, production processes, investors, social and ecological responsibility, etc.)

How ?

Polluting multinational corporations have a responsibility. Their engagement in the fight against climate change would be a crucial step forward in the evolving environmental situation. In order to take action, we are using legal avenues, including sending letters of appeal, arraignment, and studying the content of laws applicable to multinational corporations to promote a binding interpretation of these laws. We also use social mobilization to inform and rally citizens : we research and broadcast information about pollutingmultinational corporations and their attitudes toward the environment.

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